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Eiffel Underside

Limited Edition Photograph by Tad Coffin

Fine Art Photograph of the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Shooting famous iconic locations and creating something that is, if not new and unique, at least is not completely played out, is always a challenge - and a challenge I love at that. Although this piece does not hide its subject, certainly, it does not beat one over the head with it either. Composition and detail have overtaken the mind-slot of the subject object being photographed. In addition to the subtle pink evening glow and the powerful composition, I am also pleased with the illustration of detail that clearly displays a fact I had previously overlooked prior to visiting - that fact being the immaculate refinement and execution in which the subject was constructed.

This work is a limited edition series printed in two sizes. The larger version is a gicléel on canvas limited to one hundred signed and numbered works. The print is gallery wrapped and measures 20" x 30" x 1 1/2", wired and ready to hang. It is signed and numbered in the lower right-hand corner. An image of the work hung on a wall is below. Both the image of the work on the wall below and the large image above are clickable for a larger version.

The smaller print is an 8" x 10" reproduction on archival photo paper, also limited to one hundred. It is available in one of two formats: framed and matted, and unframed and matted. This print is also signed and numbered in the lower right.

This photograph is limited to two hundred prints by the artist, one hundred of each size. No additional sizes will be produced. A certificate of authenticity is included with each purchase.

Additional Categories: February 12th - Around Paris

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